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On the Move in 2015

RNR Moving is a full service, professionally licensed local moving company serving the Atlanta area with over 30 years of experience. In that time we have made it a habit to follow the trends of the real estate industry, as they often reflect directly with our own business. However, many of the 2015 moving trends may affect you if you or your family, or business is looking to move anytime soon; so we thought we'd share! Scheduling: Did you know that spring and summer ... Read more

Downsizing Before a Move

It’s very easy to get comfortable in a space and not realize how much ‘stuff’ you’ve actually acquired over the years. Some people are completely stunned when they begin looking in their attics or other home storage spaces only weeks from their move date. Before you get the same unpleasant shock, why not take some time to downsize all that junk lying around? Then when RNR Moving shows up on moving day, you’ll have nothing to worry about! To begin with, decide ... Read more

New Year, New Job

Welcome to 2015! Have you made a resolution to find a new job this year?  Thankfully, the job market is finally on an upswing and many employers are looking for people to add to their teams. But when you're looking, will you limit yourself to the Atlanta, GA area, or will you consider moving across state lines? A move to a new city for a new job can both be extremely exciting, and a bit overwhelming. Before you make the jump, RNR ... Read more

How to Build the Perfect Fire in Your Fireplace

Winter time is the perfect time to relax together in the living room by the fire. Whether you're drinking a hot cup of cider and playing games with your family or enjoying some romantic one-on-one time with your special someone, the fireplace is the perfect place to relax. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your fireplace this holiday season. When you clean out your fireplace from the last fire, leave about one inch of ash. This ... Read more