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Atlanta Movers: Letter of Vacancy

RNR Moving is all about the reliable relocation of your belongings; however, if you currently live in a rental home/condo/apartment, there is one important thing you may need to do before moving into your new space. Writing a letter of intent to your landlord before vacating your current rental property (whether you are leaving at the end of your lease period or breaking your lease), is something you should consider and may even be required in your lease agreement. Below are ... Read more

Moving with Pets

    At RNR Moving we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with an easy moving process, that hopefully cuts down on their overall moving stress for local and long-distance moves. Although we may help ease our customer’s stress levels, if you are moving with pets, chances are you may be the only one who can help your pet through the relocation process.     Pre-Move Pet Checklist Before your sassy kitty or playful pooch realizes you are relocating, it is a good idea ... Read more