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Three Things You Should Never Ask Your Friends to Do

As a general rule, most people do things for their friends that they would not do even for family. Friendship is a tight bond, one which no favor can sunder…unless those favors are one of these three. Here is our list of the top three things you should never ask your friends to do.  Drive across the country with you to help you move: At RNR Moving, we specialize in local as well as long distance moves, and can help make sure ... Read more

Moving With A Toddler

Congratulations! It is finally moving day! You closed on the house months ago, but because of complications, you had to delay your move-in date. The time has now come though! You remembered to get the change of address forms, call RNR Moving, and you have everything lined up for the school change for the kids. There is one thing you forgot to consider though...how difficult it would be to move with a three and a half year old. That is right. Your ... Read more

Think About Your Health When Moving

As a new year dawns, many people make resolutions. Among the most common are to eat better, exercise more, or lose weight, and these all have to do with your general health. This is why it is surprising that many people neglect their overall health when in stressful situations, such as a move. When you are embarking on a move, it is the most important time to maintain good health. Here are some of RNR Moving's tips to keep yourself healthy ... Read more