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To have or not to have: a roommate

If you are like many people across America, you tend to think of having roommates as something you did when you were in college or a broke 20-something still trying to find oneself. After the economic turn around 2008 however, more and more people of the younger generation started staying with their parents longer, or co-habiting with more than one roommate, simply for economic reasons. Now that the economy has started to pick up momentum toward more self-sufficiency again (although it ... Read more

The Groundhog May Have Gotten It Wrong…

Okay, how many of you are thinking that the groundhog actually got it very wrong? Both Punxsutawney Phil, and General Beauregard Lee predicted an early Spring for 2016, but the weather as of late has certainly not reflected that. Fear not! RNR Moving can help with your move regardless of how cold or wet it is! Here Are 3 Tips For Moving In Less Than Desirable Weather: Be Prepared: Do not try to impress people on moving day. Dress sensibly; wear waterproof shoes, ... Read more

A Handy Check-List for Your Move!

Do you know what to do when you’re moving? Check out RNR Moving's guide to keeping track of everything you need to do during a move! Eight Weeks Contact RNR Moving, and let us know your projected move date Research your new city. Find out which banks, doctors, and schools you will use and gather proper paperwork. Seven Weeks Make a list of businesses you should contact in order to change your address, keeping in mind your online accounts as well. Six Weeks Asses your closet and donate clothes ... Read more