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Stay Cool and Healthy During Your Summer Move

Friday May 27th 2016 is National Heat Awareness Day, which got us thinking about the much  warmer weather we know is just around the corner here in Georgia. This is a very popular for people to move, especially if they have school-age children, because of the summer break. It is also a time to pay special attention to your health if you are planning to move, as an increased stress level weakens your immune system regardless of the weather. Here are ... Read more

Summer Entertaining in the Midst of a Move

Summer is upon us. With barely over a week until the unofficial, official kickoff to summer (Memorial Day), we know summer entertaining is on your mind, but what if you are in the middle of moving? Many parents of grade school children move during the summer break, as to not disrupt their children mid-year. If you are used to entertaining during the warmer months, however, you may have to adjust your plans slightly to accommodate the changes. RNR Moving wants to ... Read more

How To: Move With A Dog

You just got a job in Houston, Texas and you have to move, and you do not know what new challenges your baby, Sammy, will face being in a new place, and what if he chews up your furniture because he is scared...being a 6 month old puppy! At RNR Moving, we understand the challenges of moving with a pet, especially a puppy, but we want to assure you we have everything under control! Try these tips! Before You Move Vet Appointment: ... Read more