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Three keys to an organized move

Moving can be stressful especially when you have a lot to move. The more you have to move, the more you have to keep track of. Ever had a pot go missing after a big move? What about your favorite shirt, or even worse, an important document? What do you do when you show up to your new home and items are missing? Well, at that point you may be out of luck, and at RNR Moving we know that’s definitely not ... Read more

Moving doesn’t have to be hard: We make relocating easy

So you got a new job, congratulations! Now, you have to figure out just how you are going to transport everything in your house 500 miles across the country, but don’t sweat it. RNR Moving has got you covered because you deserve a qualified mover. With over 30 years of experience, RNR Moving is an Atlanta-based moving company that helps ATLiens move locally or long-distance. We are registered with the State of Georgia, hold a local business license and offer licensed and ... Read more

3 Reasons You Should Move To Georgia

If you are looking to relocate because of a new career, family, or any other reason, you should consider Georgia! Check out three reasons Georgia is the perfect place to live, and how RNR Moving can help you with your long-distance move!  Affordable Housing: Atlanta is a major city in the U.S. and while some major cities like New York and Los Angeles make it nearly impossible to own a home, Atlanta is different. Owning a home, even in the city, is ... Read more

3 Tips To Make Your Local Move Easier

When most people think of a move, they think of a long distance move, or at least to another city far away. While moving locally can seem like an easier transition, many of the same steps still apply, even if you are just moving a block away. Here at RNR Moving, while we, of course, take great pride in our long-distance moving services, we do not discredit the unique challenges of a local move, and would like to offer some tips ... Read more

Trust RNR Moving To Be Your SAFE Moving Company

Did you know June 4th is National Safe Day? If you have valuables of any kind, you may have a safe to protect them. If you have any size safe for valuables or any other reason, and are planning on relocating, you may feel like you have no choice but to leave the safe behind and invest in a new one at your new home. At RNR Moving, we do not want people to think they must spend the time, money, ... Read more