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Moving During The Holidays Made Easy

Both the holidays and moving can be stressful situations and the two situations together can make it hard for anyone to enjoy the holidays and a headache for movers. With 35 years in the moving industry, our team of trained professional movers at RNR Moving will make sure your move is as smooth as possible, no matter what time of year you move. Take a look at a few tips we’ve put together to help your holiday move be stress-free and ... Read more

What To Do With Items You Don’t Want To Take With You

At RNR Moving, we take pride in making moving easy for our customers. Our fully trained insured moving professionals will help assist your move the entire way. Whether you’re moving locally or out of Georgia, RNR Moving is here for you! Are you trying to figure out what all items you want to take with you? Don’t let moving stress you out. The RNR Moving team has put together a quick guide to help you find ways for you to make the ... Read more

Moving With Kids: After The Move

In today’s economy things like job loss, promotions, and transfers are forcing some families to move frequently. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country. Our professional movers are knowledgeable and ready to assist you with your move. From the packing process to unloading your belongings, and assisting you with getting cozy in your new home. With more than 25 years in the moving industry, it is no secret to us that traveling with children can be challenging. This is ... Read more

Survive moving across country with children (During the move)

So you’re moving long distance. RNR Moving has been moving ATLiens to and from the metro Atlanta area for 25 years. Our moving professionals are ready to assist you the entire way. At RNR Moving, our main goal is to make your move as easy as possible. Last month we gave you tips on how to prep your kiddos for the big move. Now let’s dive into what you can do to make the actual move an easy one. During the Move Allow them to ... Read more

Surviving a cross-country move with children: Preparing for the move

Moving… it’s a word that can be scary, but for 35 years RNR Moving has made ATLien’s moving process easy. Whether you’re moving down the road or across the country, our team of moving professionals are ready to assist you the entire way. Are you preparing to move across the country with children? We know times like this can be stressful, so we’ve put together a list of things you can do to before the move that’ll make this move easy. ... Read more

Moving day essentials: what to keep with you

When you’re preparing for a big move, we know at RNR Moving that sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the packing process and before you know it, you’ve packed away everything. But what happens when you realize you’ve packed away your cell phone charger? Oops, looks like you’re going to be sifting through the moving boxes undoing your hard work, or buying a new charger. Check out this list of moving day essentials: things to keep with ... Read more

Keeping connected with distant relatives

Moving away from family and friends can be hard, but whether you’re “team iPhone” or “team Android," these days almost all electronics with a camera have video calling capability. Cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets, you name it. Just connect to WiFi, or turn on your cellular data, and stay connected with family and friends. Making sure your move goes smooth, and as easy as possible is one of the many things we take pride in at RNR Moving, so we’ve put together ... Read more

Customers share why they move with RNR Moving

At RNR Moving, we give the highest quality customer service, and take pride in our professional movers whom handle your belongings with care, so you can relax during your move. Whether you’re moving locally or long distance, RNR Moving is here for you. Check out why our customers love moving with us! “They were Awesome! I only had a small move (emptying a storage bin), but they were on time, professional and "Fast"! I plan to move next year and will definitely use them ... Read more

Three keys to an organized move

Moving can be stressful especially when you have a lot to move. The more you have to move, the more you have to keep track of. Ever had a pot go missing after a big move? What about your favorite shirt, or even worse, an important document? What do you do when you show up to your new home and items are missing? Well, at that point you may be out of luck, and at RNR Moving we know that’s definitely not ... Read more

Moving doesn’t have to be hard: We make relocating easy

So you got a new job, congratulations! Now, you have to figure out just how you are going to transport everything in your house 500 miles across the country, but don’t sweat it. RNR Moving has got you covered because you deserve a qualified mover. With over 30 years of experience, RNR Moving is an Atlanta-based moving company that helps ATLiens move locally or long-distance. We are registered with the State of Georgia, hold a local business license and offer licensed and ... Read more
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