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Have an Injury-Proof Move

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RNR MoversIf you talk to anyone who has moved before, it is unlikely that it was a completely enjoyable experience. Most people don’t like the hassle of having to lift and move things, even if they have a wonderful company like RNR Moving helping them move into their new metro Atlanta home. To ease your moving process here are a few safety tips which will hopefully help you to have an injury-proof move.

Hydration – Like all physical activities, staying hydrated is a very important part of the process. Be sure to bring a water bottle with you so that you can continue to refill it throughout the day and not lose energy becoming dehydrated.

Safety First – If you have problem areas around your home or the place you’re moving to, be sure to let your local movers know, and to take care when transporting items around these areas yourself. One loose step, slippery floor area, or unsteady railing, could be dangerous to those moving your items and to your stuff!

Dangerous Items – Be aware that professional moving company are unable to transport flammable/dangerous items. If you will be transporting items such as chemicals, paint thinners, matches, gasoline, or other poisonous/flammable materials, please use care! No one want all of their personal belongs to go up in flames!

Personal Injury – A good rule of thumb is to have a first aid kit on hand when moving, in case of minor accidents. Cuts and scraps happen, but one of the biggest injuries that occur during moving are back injuries. To avoid a back injury when moving it is best to lift from the legs; simply bend in a squat position with your knees forward, to place the weight on your legs, not your back. Try not to bend over at the waist when lifting or sitting down boxes. It also helps when packing up your boxes to make sure the weight inside is distributed evenly so nothing is rolling around or loose, making the box unstable when carrying.

We at RNR Moving hope these moving safety tips will help you avoid injury during your next move, wherever it may be to. Although we don’t unpack and set up your home for you (yes, you can’t get out of all of the moving!), we DO pack your home up and transport it safely to your new destination with the utmost care and professionalism.

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