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Unpacking Tips: Get Your Closet Organized

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Sometimes, getting unpacked can be as stressful as the moving process itself! Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging just because the moving part is over  (Wasn’t that the easy part?) The best way to simplify your unpacking is to use the time to get organized so your new home has a consistent flow and every belonging has a place. Here are some tips

  • Decide what needs to go into storage. Winter clothes are especially bulky, if you’re moving in the springtime, it may be best to keep them packed in their own box until the following fall and winter. This will free up plenty of room in your closet.
    closet with wood hangers and clothes

    photo via pixabay

  • Streamline your hangers. Too many varieties of hangers can take up more space in your closet. Wood, plastic, wire– take your pick!
  • Garment bags are your friend. For suits, dresses, even coats, garment bags can be a an awesome space saver in the back of your closet. You can pick them up at nearly any store.
  • If it doesn’t hang, it goes in a container. T-shirts, sweaters, jeans– whatever does not make the cut to be hung up can be stored in clear, labeled containers either on a rack in your closet, on the floor or under the bed. Rotate items onto shelves as you need them to be more accessible during different seasons.
  • Get a closet organizer. From custom cabinetry, to racks you can install yourself, there are tons of options out there. Create piles of what needs to hang and what can go in a bin or rack and make your purchase. Bring a picture or lists of your belongings to the store to help as a guide while you shop.

We hope these unpacking tips help you start fresh and get organized in your new home!

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