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3 Bad Weather Moving Tips

RNR Moving knows how dreadful moving in bad weather can be, so we’ve compiled some tips to help you with your local move in the event of rain or snow!  

3 Bad Weather Moving Tips:

    1. Preparation- Make sure you are properly attired for your moving day. If it is raining or snowing, wear all-weather shoes or boots with satisfactory water resistance and grips. Also, try to dress in layers or with at least one water resistant layer on top of your clothes to prevent water from soaking through.
    2. Protection- Water from rain or melting snow is your belongings’ worst enemy! Protect items such as couches, wooden furniture, electronics, etc. with plastic wrapping or shrink wrapping. *Mattresses and box springs should always be wrapped, regardless of the weather. Cardboard boxes can also become problematic in wet weather. Try using plastic tubs/storage containers instead if you have advance warning of the weather; if the bad weather was unexpected, simply wrap your boxes in plastic wrap. (*Be sure your boxes are packed properly first to prevent any problems!)
    3. Make a Path- If snow or ice has covered your driveway, path or front steps/door area immediately try to clear it away to make a path for yourself or your movers. In most areas that are used to getting snow, snowplows take care of the main roads of the area; however, your moving truck may be able to get to you, but not make the move happen if the ground is too dangerous and slick to walk on. If rain is your issue, before you start moving take some towels or rugs to your new home and lay them around the entrances and areas inside the home. This will help prevent slick surfaces from forming inside the home from movers going in and out of the rain; it may also prevent slipping when carrying heavy items.


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While some bad weather does prevent moving (tornadoes!), you can count on RNR Moving to take care of your local move when unpredictable weather arises. We are the certified, licensed professionals you deserve to carefully handle your next local or long distance move.

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