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A Handy Check-List for Your Move!

Do you know what to do when you’re moving? Check out RNR Moving‘s guide to keeping track of everything you need to do during a move!

Eight Weeks

  • Contact RNR Moving, and let us know your projected move date
  • Research your new city. Find out which banks, doctors, and schools you will use and gather proper paperwork.

Seven Weeks

  • Make a list of businesses you should contact in order to change your address, keeping in mind your online accounts as well.

Six Weeks

  • Asses your closet and donate clothes you no longer want. Go through rooms of your house and do the same, donating unwanted items in the process.
  • Contact your child’s new school to make the transition easier.
  • Start the packing process by packing infrequently used items, seasonal items, and things in storage.

Four Weeks

  • Fill out your official change-of-address form
  • Request vacation time if needed for your move
  • Double check with us that everything is in place

Two Weeks

  • Do a final check of address changes, insurance, and odds and ends before the move
  • Fill all prescriptions, and make sure everyone has their medication in their suitcase
  • Withdraw cash for any unexpected expenses.

One Week

  • Schedule your turn-off date for utilities one day after your move-out date, and one day before your move-in date at your new place
  • Pack a suitcase for about two weeks…don’t forget comfy clothes!
  • Check in with RNR one last time to ensure everything is ready to go

One Day

  • Let RNR pack your belongings
  • Confirm arrival time of moving van or truck.

Moving Day

  • Be sure someone is there to answer mover’s questions
  • Celebrate your new beginning!