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Atlanta Movers: Letter of Vacancy

RNR Moving is all about the reliable relocation of your belongings; however, if you currently live in a rental home/condo/apartment, there is one important thing you may need to do before moving into your new space. Writing a letter of intent to your landlord before vacating your current rental property (whether you are leaving at the end of your lease period or breaking your lease), is something you should consider and may even be required in your lease agreement. Below are a few tips from RNR Moving, your top Atlanta Movers, to get this process going.

RNR Moving Tips for Renters 

  • Check the Rental Agreement: Your lease should disclose when you are required to provide notice to your landlord of moving out; legally this is your responsibility to research. Most agreements state that you’ll have 30 or 60 days; rare properties may have a 90 day requirement. After finding out how many days you must put in a notice, get started on your letter; be sure to make the date on your letter of intent matches the notice requirement in the rental agreement.
  • Add New Contact Information: Add your new contact information (new address, phone number, etc.) to your letter of intent to vacate. This will allow your landlord to contact you if any issues or questions arise after you leave, if you forget any personal property that they should return to you, and provides an address to send your security deposit or other refunds that you may be owed.
  • Ask for Deposits/Refunds: Are you eligible for the deposits you paid at move-in to be returned to you? If you believe you are owed money back from the property, such as a security or pet deposit, be sure to request this in your letter. Ultimately it is up to the landlord to decide if you should get this ‘refund’ after inspecting your apartment or condo; but it is always good to have it in the letter to show that you did request it. Plus, they will already have your new contact information to send you a check.
  • Sign and Send: After printing your letter, be sure to sign it physically with a pen, in your own handwriting. Legally it is important to hand sign your letter with your signature. Many may be tempted to email this letter (which you can to be thorough), but be sure to have a physical letter delivered to the leasing office or directly to the landlord. *TIP: Mailing it using certified mail is a sure way to have proof that it was sent and received, should legal matters arise later on.   


Example Letter (Feel free to Copy & Paste):


Your Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip

Today’s Date (Date should be 30-90 days BEFORE notice requirement- see your rental agreement)

Notice of Intent to Vacate:

Dear [Landlord],

This letter will constitute written notice of my intention to vacate my apartment on [ move date], the end of my current lease. Please be advised that effective [moving date], I [we] will be moving from the rental property located at [current address at rental property]. This letter constitutes as my [ # of days (30?)] days notice as required by our rental agreement and the Landlord/Tenant Act.

My forwarding address where you can reach me after [moving date] is [future address].

Please send my security deposit of [$$$] that I made on [date] to my new address.

I believe that my apartment is in good condition to receive this refund in full; however, should you disagree, please send me an itemized statement of all charges and we will be in touch to further pursue my claims to the entirety of the deposit.



[Your Name]

________________________ [signature in your handwriting]


Additional Tenants on Lease


[Their name(s)]

________________________ [signature in their handwriting]



RNR Moving hopes that you can use these tips to write an excellent vacancy letter of intent for your landlord before your next move. Also, if you need help with your next local or long distance move, please call us at your time of rental notice to schedule your move date in advance. We look forward to becoming your favorite Atlanta Movers!

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