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Celebrate March 8th!

Did you know one in four Americans has a home office? Even if you do not work from home, many people use their office to pay bills, or manage their budget. Because it can be used for so many things, this room has the potential of becoming cluttered, messy, unorganized, and does not fill its intended purpose at all. If this sounds like a room in your home, you are in luck. March 8th is Organize Your Home Office Day, and is a great time to tidy up, and get rid of unused or unwanted items. It is especially helpful if you have a move coming soon! 

Why is it important to clean and organize before a move?

Staying organized and de-cluttering is something most people strive to do all of the time, but it is especially important if you plan on moving soon. Not only do you not want to have to pack more than you have to, but it will help you when you are unpacking if everything is organized and labeled correctly.

There is a day for that?

Whoever is responsible for deciding national days got this one right! Many times, unless someone is motivated specifically, it is easy to put off or become overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. This is a day that is dedicated to just organizing your home office. As the 8th is a Tuesday, many will be fully immersed in their normal work day, but we urge you to take a few hours, and at least begin to organize your work space. It will make you feel calmer and help you if you are moving.

If you are planning on moving, be sure to celebrate this day by tidying up your home office and contact us for your free quote!