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Helping Your Child With A Move

We are in the home stretch! If you are confused, your kids definitely know what this means. The end of the school year is in sight, and this is a time that many families choose to make a move. At RNR Moving, we see this often. It seems like a great time, since the kids are no longer in school that year, to go ahead and take that promotion in another state, city, or town. While we completely understand starting a new chapter of life in a new place, we urge you to consider the most effective and easiest way to help your child with the change. 

  1. Get Them Familiar With The Route: Practice the way your child will take to school every day. Your son/daughter will be reassured by seeing familiar landmarks and it will be a less stressful start to their day.
  1. Go To School: See if you can get permission from your child’s new school to visit the building itself a couple days before school starts. This way, your child has a chance to see what he/she will have to contend with in the way of the building itself.
  1. Give Them A Good An Example: You are most likely your child’s biggest influence right now, so make sure you are setting a positive social example. Have some new neighbors over for lunch, dessert, or afternoon get-together and allow your child to interact with people his/her own age. It will also leave an impression that you are making an effort to meet new people, which will encourage your child to follow suit.

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