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How To: Move With Seniors

At RNR Moving, we love to move all kinds of people. Whether you are moving locally or long distance, commercial or residential, if you need to move, we will help you. One thing many do not take into consideration however are the differences in moving with seniors. If your parents or other family members live with you, and you are looking to move, here are some things to remember.  

Communicate, Even If You Don’t Think They Understand

Your parents or loved ones may be nostalgic and have sentimental attachment to their current home. You should expect sadness and apprehension to the change, but give them a longer time to process than you need. It will make the transition smoother. You will also want to assure your parent that they still have some control, as it is a main point of contention, and give them as much choice as possible.

Plan Moving Day

There are several strategies to plan out your moving day with your senior. Using RNR Moving is probably the easiest way to go because you can care for your senior parent, while we do everything else. From packing your belongings with care to ensuring a seamless transition we have got you covered. If you must stay in a hotel (such as in long distance moves) try to arrange for your senior to fly to their new destination with you before moving day. If you senior has health issues, be sure to plan for that as well.

Each family’s circumstances are unique, so take our suggestions as tips, but we hope you have a smooth transition. For any questions about how RNR Moving can help you move with your senior, please Contact Us.