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Moving With A Toddler

Congratulations! It is finally moving day! You closed on the house months ago, but because of complications, you had to delay your move-in date. The time has now come though! You remembered to get the change of address forms, call RNR Moving, and you have everything lined up for the school change for the kids. There is one thing you forgot to consider though…how difficult it would be to move with a three and a half year old.

That is right. Your older children will be fine: they are eight, and eleven. They can even help you with the small things, and are flexible enough to understand why dinner may be take-out for the next week, but your two-year-old does not understand these things. In fact, he will probably be very unhappy that all of his toys have been moved. Here are some ways to make moving with young children a little bit easier.

  1. Ask for help: If your friends or coworkers offer to watch the little ones while you unpack, do not be proud. Simply accept their willingness to lend aid. They may need you one day.
  2. Give the kids something to do: This may even be beneficial for the older children, but keep a small box of toys, crayons, paper, and anything else that will be familiar and allow the kids to play with that until everything is unpacked.
  3. Communicate and Label: Not only will this keep things organized, but it will also help you keep your sanity. Also, it will keep things from accidentally being given away or donated because they were put in the wrong box.

These tips should help keep you organized and make the process of moving with a toddler easier. If you need our assistance with anything, do not hesitate to contact us! Happy Moving!