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Moving With Kids

As an adult, you understand the benefits and reasons for moving the family. But kids frequently have a harder time understanding why a move is necessary. They may become angry, act out or even try to prevent the move from happening. RNR Moving offers a few tips to help moving with kids go more smoothly.


Openly Discuss the Move

Don’t avoid talking about the move around the kids or keep the details about the move from your children. Make sure that conversations about the move include your children. Answer their questions in a straightforward and respectful way. Share with them exactly when the move will take place and how long it will take. This will help your kids feel more in control and comfortable with the move.

Let Them Be Involved

Children like to help and be involved. When you try to do everything yourself and don’t give kids any moving responsibility, they have nothing better to do than to watch and worry.

Moving kids will go easier if your kids are involved in the move — put them in charge of the family pet. When kids focus on making sure the pet feels good and is safe, they tend to think less about their own concerns. Give your kids access to some tips for moving the family pet and allow them to be in charge of the pet during the move.

Be Realistic

Don’t tell your kids things about the move that aren’t true. Don’t make promises that you know you can’t keep. For instance, don’t tell them they will still be able to see their old friends everyday. And don’t tell them that their new school will be exactly like their current school.

Be realistic, but positive about the changes that will occur in your lives. Be honest that they won’t see their friends as often, but they can still keep in touch with Skype, texting and emails. Let them know that they will have to make new friends, but that they will learn to have fun with the new crowd of kids. When you’re realistic and honest about the move, your kids will trust you and the decisions you make for the family.

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