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Pre-Move: How to Arrange Furniture

We love moving furniture in and out of homes for our clients, but we’ve noticed that not everyone has decided where their furniture should be placed when we move it in. So our relocation experts at RNR Moving thought it would be a good idea to give a few pre-move tips to help you plan your furniture layout in your new space BEFORE your move date!

Basic Furniture Arranging

  • Leave room to walk: It is important with any room set up that you have a clear walking path through the space; if a piece of furniture is blocking you at every turn, you probably have too much in one space.
  • Focal Points: A gorgeous slate fireplace or oversized window can be lovely in a space, but even more s when furniture is spaced around it facing the same direction; this allows the focal point to hold the eye, as it was designed to do.
  • Face-time: Create seating situations that encourage conversations regardless of the room’s size. Put two chairs (or couches) together near the focal point of the room and enjoy chats with family and company.
  • Dining In: The dining room is the most straightforward room (if you are using it for dining, that is). Simply put the dining table & chairs in the middle of the room! Of course other furniture items may fit in the space as well (hutch, side table, chest of drawers, etc.), but space may get tight, so be sure to measure beforehand.
  • Kitchen Entertaining: Kitchens seem pretty basic, right? Just make sure the appliances fit! However, if there is space you can always add a stand alone island (some have breakfast bars & compact stools) because it is great for entertaining and offers more space to hold kitchen pots, pans, etc.
  • Bedrooms: Bedrooms can be a bit more tricky due to square footage restrictions and functionality of what you want to do in your room.; the layout of the bedroom must be considered with your lifestyle. Do you have space for that armoire? Do you need a clear area of floor to do yoga in the morning? Does your bedroom double as your computer space/office? Figure out what you will use this space for (yes, many use bedrooms for more than just sleeping!) and then you can decide how you will make it fit functionally.

Planning Made EASY!

If you need more than an outline on paper to really “see” if your furniture arrangement will work, use this easy trick. Buy a large roll of bulletin board paper from a school supply store or buy a roll of brown packing paper (tissue paper can work as well if necessary). Next measure each piece or large furniture you have decided to move into your new space. Using the furniture measurements, cut and tape the paper into the dimensions of the furniture. Voliá! You now have an easily movable, flat paper copy of your large furniture to lay around your new space so you can visually map out your furniture arraignment using the real dimensions! Plus, you can use it to pack with after you snap a few pictures to remember how you want each room set up.

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