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Pregnant & Moving: Helpful Tips

As a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience, Atlanta’s RNR Moving understands the ‘ins and outs’ of moving, and is always happy to share helpful tips with our customers. When you hire us as your reliable relocators, your move is generally a lot less stressful; however, add pregnancy to any move, and it can still seem a bit overwhelming. Combat this feeling of unease/stress with the handy tips below, if you are pregnant and moving.


It doesn’t take much to set off those pesky pregnancy hormones; so get yourself organized well in advance of your move date, to help keep your anxiety and stress levels down. Make a list of what needs to be accomplished with realistic deadlines and get started.

Hiring a mover to pack up for you will be well worth it when your move date comes! RNR Moving can work with you to develop the moving plan that meets your requirements. We even provide all of the moving materials that are needed including boxes, moving pads, shrink wrap, dollies, trained movers and well maintained moving trucks.

Days before your move pack a two-three day bag with everything you need for your pregnant body. Do you have specific vitamins, foods, lotions, etc. that you must have daily to feel good? Pack them in your bag! Pack anything that makes you feel comfortable (body pillow, fluffy blanket, Kindle to read and relax, etc.) so even when you have a house full of boxes in your new place, you will still be able to take time for yourself without having to tear through boxes to find items you immediately need. (It’s also good to pack some toiletries in this bag or bags.)

Remember, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your family and friends! Even if you are at the early stages of pregnancy when bending and lifting aren’t an issue, don’t take it all on yourself if you can help it. Get physical and/or mental support from the people in your life.

Research & Routine

If you are moving out of the area of your current healthcare provider, be sure to ask your current doctor/midwife if they have any good recommendations or contacts in your new area. Contact and establish your new healthcare providers well before your move, so your prenatal care is consistent after your move. Don’t forget to get copies of your medicals records and healthcare files as well.

Research the area you are moving to and make notes (not mental ones, because pregnancy brain is a real thing!). Look on a map and locate all of the places you go on a daily/weekly basis. Locate the nearest grocery store, pharmacy, bank, etc. Also, check out anything that aligns with your typical weekly routine. Do you walk/jog to keep in shape? Look for local parks or fitness centers in your area.

Just remember to take care of yourself! Moving can be mentally and physically exhausting to anyone, so take some extra care if your are moving while pregnant. Take some naps, get a prenatal massage, do whatever you need to do to keep your stress levels down.



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