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Summer Entertaining in the Midst of a Move

Summer is upon us. With barely over a week until the unofficial, official kickoff to summer (Memorial Day), we know summer entertaining is on your mind, but what if you are in the middle of moving? Many parents of grade school children move during the summer break, as to not disrupt their children mid-year. If you are used to entertaining during the warmer months, however, you may have to adjust your plans slightly to accommodate the changes. RNR Moving wants to help you navigate this conundrum by offering three easy ways to have summer F.U.N. during your move!

F-Forget the stress! When you hire RNR Moving, we do just about everything for you. From packing, even your large items (like safes and pianos) to moving it anywhere (long distance or local), to helping you unpack, we do it all!

U-Unpack the box or two of immediate items that you packed beforehand. During a move, you should always pack a few boxes of items you know you will need immediately. This includes things like toiletries, basic necessities, and food. If you know you will be entertaining shortly after you move into your new home, include items you know you will need for the gathering.

N-Notify your party guests of the change in venue, and explain the situation. This will make them more understanding if everything does not go exactly as planned. If they are your friends or family, this should not be a problem.

Whether entertaining at your old home right before a move, or your plans are to have a get-together at your new place, we hope it goes off without a hitch. To make the move easier on you and your family, contact RNR Moving and get started today!