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The BIG Leap: Couples Moving in Together

RNR Moving enjoys helping Atlanta area couples move in together for the first time. We like to think that our incredible local move services help alleviate some of the stress on these first time roommates, but we also have a few tips to help out couples BEFORE they even begin the moving process.

The Decision

So you’ve decided to take it to the next level and move in with your sweetheart, partner, honeybear, significant other, etc. It’s a very exciting decision, but no doubt has left you (or both of you) a little nervous and stressed out! However, it doesn’t have to be all stress! After you’ve decided on a place to live, check out a few of the following tips to help make the transition into this new chapter of your life a bit easier.

Couples Moving 101

  • Sort it Out: You and your honey can save a lot of time and money with this easy tip. However, it must be done TOGETHER (yes, get used to that)! Take time BEFORE you move to sort through both person’s furniture and belongings, and decide together what should be moved, sold, donated or trashed. This method will prevent arguments after the move, especially if things don’t fit in your new shared space because both parties decided to bring it all!
  • Measuring Up: After you have both settled on what you will be keeping, it’s always important to go ahead and measure all of your furniture, art, etc. for your new space. This will again prevent any stressful surprises on moving day and help you eliminate more before, should you need to tier down your ‘stuff’ again.
  • Be Supportive: It may sound silly to remind a couple to be supportive of each other, but feelings and emotions can run high when combining two lives means letting go of old attachments. That odd sculpture from a niece or broken record player from someone’s childhood may not seem important to one person, but could make the other get into defensive ‘fight-mode’ when it comes to tossing it out. Just remember everyone has emotional ties to things other people think are unimportant, so be sensitive to your partner. If a resolution can not be found of whether to take it or not, perhaps a third solution may be an option. Why not put important items in a rented storage space?


We at RNR Moving hope that a few of these tips help you and your partner before moving into your new Atlanta area home. For an even less stressful move, let us take care of packing and relocating your belongings for you! Get a FREE local move price from RNR Moving today online or give us a call at 678-838-9775.