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Things People Accidentally Leave Behind When They Move

If you’re moving, you feel like you have a million things to do, and you are behind on doing almost all of them. There is so much to remember and prepare for at your new place, and it can all get very jumbled and messy. If you have to work up until you move, it can be even harder finding time to pack up while still trying to maintain a full-time job. Staying organized and making lists are two ways we have seen help people remember their belongings, but if you are moving soon, we want to remind you of a few items people often accidentally leave behind.


Now, we are not sure if people just think they are too heavy and cumbersome, or if people just do not know that RNR Moving specializes in moving safes, but we see it all too often. With safes potentially costing upwards of 2,000, we think it is wise to bring those with you to put in your new place!

Holiday Decorations
Whether it is that box of Christmas tree ornaments that got overlooked in the attic, or a special figurine that you forgot about, we hope you will make sure you remember all of the things you do not necessarily use everyday, and bring them with you!

Hidden Cash
Many people, though most of their money and bonds are safe within a banking institution, tend to keep a small nest egg of cash hidden somewhere in the house. This is very important to remember when moving because, especially if you are moving far away, it will be too late once you are gone. You can’t very likely call up the new owners with instructions to send your 1,000 in the mail, now can you?