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To have or not to have: a roommate

If you are like many people across America, you tend to think of having roommates as something you did when you were in college or a broke 20-something still trying to find oneself. After the economic turn around 2008 however, more and more people of the younger generation started staying with their parents longer, or living with more than one roommate, simply for economic reasons. Now that the economy has started to pick up momentum toward more self-sufficiency again (although it will probably take many years before America is back to what it was before) you actually have a choice of whether taking on roommates is for you. The decision is unique to each person, and should be viewed as such, but let RNR Moving explore some pros and cons of having a roommate. 

Roommate Pro: You share the rent

If you are sharing a space with one or more people, you will not be responsible for the entire rent payment or all of the utilities. This may be a great option if you are low on funds, or simply do not want to spend all of your money on a place to live.

Roommate Con: You share your private space

Living alone, in most cases, ensures total privacy. You can decide what to do, say, and wear and when to do it. You can play your music until 2 a.m. without concern, which is something that a considerate roommate probably would not do.

Solo Living Pro: You choose how to decorate

You have certain tastes and cleanliness preferences that are vital to your overall happiness. If you choose to live with someone who never does their dishes, it will eventually wear on you, and may ever burn a metaphorical bridge.

Solo Living Con: You are responsible for everything that happens

This can be good or bad, but either way, everything that happens to your apartment or house, every bill, all of it: you are solely responsible. This includes all maintenance. Even in an apartment you have to let the office know, and follow up.

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