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Piano Movers In Atlanta

Reliable Piano Moving In Atlanta, Georgia.

Piano Movers in Atlanta

From uprights to concert grand pianos, we move all types of pianos

We are among the most experienced piano movers in Atlanta, Georgia. We have over 30 years of general moving experience including a volume of piano moves. We have moved newer and antique pianos including upright, baby grand, grand, concert grand, spinets and even player pianos. We offer local piano moving and long distance piano moving services for individuals, manufacturers, dealers, schools, performers and other piano owners.

Local and Long Distance Piano Movers

The piano movers at RNR Moving are experienced local and long distance piano movers. We have a small group of movers in our company who are trained in how to move pianos. Our piano moving specialists understand piano construction and are knowledgeable on how to move pianos without damage.

In any situation, we use only the preferred method and proper equipment to move a piano. A long distance piano move requires some additional precautions not necessarily required in a local piano move. Our moving specialist can meet with you to discuss the details of your move.  By gaining a thorough understanding of the move, we can provide you with the best possible price and assure you of a professional level service.

Piano moving requires special knowledge and skills. Hiring a mover without the proper knowledge and experience creates a very real risk of damage to your piano. We pay attention to fine details and think ahead to avoid problems.

We take into consideration the moving distance, therefore will heavily pad, and sometimes crate a piano to assure safe transporting. Typically pianos are crated only for international or very long distance interstate moves. Moving pianos usually involves the use of lifting straps and special dollies. For loading and unloading (when necessary) we pad doorways and such to avoid incidental contact that could harm the body or finish. We know to protect the keyboard lid, wrap the piano, and how to properly lift and secure it for transport. We make certain that the moving truck floor is level to avoid unnecessary stress on casters and legs. We know how to properly move any types of pianos.

Reasons We’re A Good Atlanta Piano Moving Company

  • Full service! We load, transport and unload.
  • Expert padding or crating as needed.
  • Gentle care and cautious moving steps.
  • Experienced in moving all types of pianos.
  • Specially trained piano movers.

We Move More Than Pianos

Our Atlanta, GA moving company can also move the rest of your household belongings. 

An Exceptional Review
“I was reluctant to use a moving company. I had Never used one before. Did some research and I came across RNR Moving co. I must say, what a great decision. Not only were they reasonably priced, but the crew was amazing. They made moving look easy. They were fast, diligent, and extremely courteous to me. Brett was the crew leader for his team, and he gave good direction as to what I needed. He provided me with excellent customer service and was very kind and made my move go as smooth as possible. Thank you RNR and Brett. I will definitely make referrals and keep you in mind if I move again!” Meanie L.
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We invite you to contact us and learn more about our piano moving services. We know you value your piano and want to hire only the best piano movers. We have the experience, people and and equipment to make your move go without incident.