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Call for a free quote! 678-838-9775

Smyrna Local Movers

Have you looked at a new place to live in the Cobb County area lately? RNR Moving frequents this county and knows what a truly gorgeous place it is to move to. The city of Smyrna is particularly lovely, especially in the springtime! If you require Smyrna Local Movers, please contact us at RNR Moving to schedule and take care of your move. As a family owned business, with decades of experience, we know exactly what it takes for a smooth move. We provide full-service, local and long distance moves; plus we offer a free local move price to get you started. Please consider RNR Moving as your friendly neighborhood mover!

“Jonquil City” ~ Smyrna, Georgia’s nickname

Long time residents of Smyrna may be familiar with the city’s nickname of “Jonquil City,” but if you are new to the area, here’s some history straight from the Smyrna Historical Society. ‘Jonquils’ are yellow flowers that look similar to daffodils. In the 1880’s this flower was introduced by a wealthy Atlanta couple who decided to move to Smyrna. The story says that the Taylors had a son who lived in Washington and shipped them a large bag of flower bulbs to plant. The family is said to have planted them and shared the bulbs with neighbors; thus the jonquil flower was introduced to Smyrna. This flower did so well in the Georgia climate, that it continued to come back each year and filled the city with a lovely fragrance and beautiful appearance. So Smyrna was nicknamed, “Jonquil City,” and it has become a tradition to plant these particular flowers in the city over the years.

The City of Smyrna

If you are interesting in moving to Smyrna, here are some of the city’s fabulous neighborhoods to explore and find your perfect home (be sure to ask your realtor about any neighborhood associations, as each of the following vary):

  • Williams Park
  • Forest Hills
  • Smyrna Heights
  • Market Village
  • Bennett Woods
  • Vinings Estates
  • Cheney Woods


Reliable Relocation

RNR Moving looks forward to providing you and your family with a stress-free move to this stunning Georgia city. We offer a variety of services for our customers, including packing and relocating your belongings for you! Should you have any questions about our services before you decide to move with us, our friendly moving coordinator will be happy to answer your questions. Please contact us at 678-838-9775. RNR Moving looks forward to being your Smyrna local movers!