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Don’t Lose Your Cheer This Holiday!

It is mid-December, a time when most of us are thinking about what to ask Santa for this Christmas, or whether or not you will beat your cousins in a classic game of spin the dreidel, but moving during the holidays has a way of completely taking out all the fun and cheer of the season. Never fear, RNR Moving has three helpful tips for moving during the holiday season!

Put Up Portable Decorations

Just because you will not be in the same place throughout the entire season, does not mean you should be without some decorations! Put up items that can easily be taken down, and moved with you. Pro tip: Putting elaborate lights on the house, or tinsel on the tree will be more hassle than it is worth, so just go ahead and skip this year.

Dine Out With The Family

Do you always have an elaborate meal with all of your friends and family over your house during the holidays? Consider dining out at a nice restaurant this year. This way, you will still be able to see your loved ones, but it will be a lot easier not having to worry about cleaning up, and if you have your home staged, you will not have to worry about your guests messing it up!

Holiday Cards Are Great Times To Share New Info

Do you ever get those holiday cards with the “brag letters” letting everyone know just how fabulous your 3rd cousin twice removed is doing? Instead of doing that, include a short note about your move with your new address and contact info! We think people will want to read that instead of a lengthy note on Susie’s marriage, Jimmy’s graduation, and mom and dad’s cruise.

Whether you plan to move or not, we hope everyone has a truly fantastic holiday season!