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What To Do With Items You Don’t Want To Take With You

At RNR Moving, we take pride in making moving easy for our customers. Our fully trained insured moving professionals will help assist your move the entire way. Whether you’re moving locally or out of Georgia, RNR Moving is here for you!

Are you trying to figure out what all items you want to take with you? Don’t let moving stress you out. The RNR Moving team has put together a quick guide to help you find ways for you to make the most of the items you no longer want, take a look.

Yard sale

Arrange your items in your driveway or yard in a way that is pleasant for people to browse the items, nobody wants to dig through a pile of junk, so make their next treasure stand out! This is also a great way to make some of your money back from the items you sell.


No matter what you have to donate, there’s plenty of places around metro Atlanta that accept donations from clothes to old cars and everything in between.

Toss it

Once you’ve sorted through your items, had a yard sale and or donated the items you feel are useful, it’s safe to say the best choice is to toss the item instead of lugging it to your next home.

Theses are just a few things to consider when you’re assessing the things you want to take with you to your new home.

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