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Moving With Kids: After The Move

In today’s economy things like job loss, promotions, and transfers are forcing some families to move frequently. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country. Our professional movers are knowledgeable and ready to assist you with your move. From the packing process to unloading your belongings, and assisting you with getting cozy in your new home. With more than 25 years in the moving industry, it is no secret to us that traveling with children can be challenging. This is why we’ve put together a three-part blog series that shares essential tips for making your cross country move with the family a smooth one. In the last of the series we are going to share tips that’ll help your kiddo adjust to their new home.

According to, children tend to focus on the negative side of moving, especially if they’re in high school. Children tend to feel a loss of friends and belonging. This is why we stressed the importance of talking with your children and explaining the move to them before moving day in the first blog series. It’s important that you emphasize the positive aspects of moving with your children.

If you do have a child that isn’t happy about moving to a new city, take them to explore the new city. The best way to learn about your new environment and become involved is to get out of the house and explore. While becoming involved in your new community, it’s important to also keep contact with people from your old community. This allows your child to maintain old friendships while building new ones.

Lastly, allow your child to unpack and arrange their room the way they want to. This gives the child a sense of control back from moving when their getting settled into your new home. These are just a few tips that are sure to make settling into your new home stress-free.

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