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Keeping connected with distant relatives

Moving away from family and friends can be hard, but whether you’re “team iPhone” or “team Android,” these days almost all electronics with a camera have video calling capability. Cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets, you name it. Just connect to WiFi, or turn on your cellular data, and stay connected with family and friends.

Making sure your move goes smooth, and as easy as possible is one of the many things we take pride in at RNR Moving, so we’ve put together a quick list of video call apps that are easy, fun and free!

  1. FaceTime – This video application “app” comes installed on all iOS devices and easily connects iOS users (iPhone, iPads and Apple computers). The video call notification is similar to a phone call. This app is only available in the iOS app store.
  2. Tango – According to their website, Tango ranks in the “Top 100 free app on Android and iTunes,” and is available in 15 languages in 224 countries around the globe.
  3. Google Hangouts – If you have a Gmail account, you may be familiar with this plugin. Google Hangouts allows you to communicate with friends and family using chat and video calling. The cool thing is, multiple people can be on one video call at the same time! So keeping in contact with relatives in different states will be easy. This app is available in the iOS and Android app store.
  4. Facebook – The Facebook messenger video calling plugin allows you to video chat with people on your Facebook friend list. The calling process is pretty straight forward. As long as your friend is online, the caller can simply click the video icon in the chat window. After starting your first call, you’ll be prompted to set up. After setting up the plug in, callers will be able to video call family and friends with the click of a button.
  5. Houseparty – This video app allows multiple people to be on a video chat at once. The concept is that while users have the app open, they’re considered “in the house.” Users can say hello to people on their Houseparty friend list, and friends will receive a notification that the user is “in the house.” While waiting for friends to join the video call, or “come in the house,” users are greeted with fun-facts. It’s a cool concept that’ll keep friends connected no matter where you live.

No matter which one of these apps you choose to use, you’re sure to stay connected with family and friends.

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