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Survive moving across country with children (During the move)

So you’re moving long distance. RNR Moving has been moving ATLiens to and from the metro Atlanta area for 25 years. Our moving professionals are ready to assist you the entire way. At RNR Moving, our main goal is to make your move as easy as possible.

Last month we gave you tips on how to prep your kiddos for the big move. Now let’s dive into what you can do to make the actual move an easy one.

During the Move

Allow them to help. – This is important especially during the packing process. Allow your child to help when their room is being packed away. If they are old enough, let them pack their room. This gives them a sense of ownership over their belongings.

Don’t forget the snacks. – Now that you’re all packed and about to take off to your new home. Be sure to pack a cooler of drinks and healthy snacks for the long drive. This will prevent you from having to frequently stop (hopefully). If you’re child is old enough, place the cooler near them so they can reach it. This will cut down on the amount of times you have to turn around in your seat.

Bring entertainment. – To avoid the endless question of “are we there yet?” Give them something that will take their mind off of the trip. Electronics, puzzles, books and portable DVD players are great for entertainment, but you know your child best, so we’re just suggesting to pack accordingly.

Check back for part three of the three part series: Surviving Moving Long Distance with Children.

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