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Call for a free quote! 678-838-9775

Trust RNR Moving To Be Your SAFE Moving Company

Did you know June 4th is National Safe Day? If you have valuables of any kind, you may have a safe to protect them. If you have any size safe for valuables or any other reason, and are planning on relocating, you may feel like you have no choice but to leave the safe behind and invest in a new one at your new home. At RNR Moving, we do not want people to think they must spend the time, money, and energy investing in a brand new safe just because they relocate. Safes are our specialty!

Because safes are normally extremely heavy, many moving companies refuse to move them. We are one of the most experienced safe moving companies in the Atlanta area, and have been providing our safe moving services for business and home safes for many years. 

How To Move it Safely

Safety in safe moving is very important to us at RNR, which is why we do not advise inexperienced or non-professionals to attempt it. For the most part, safes are moved using three methods: a harness, a special safe moving dolly, or a forklift. Often, if we are moving the safe to a condo, we coordinate the move-in time with the property managers and use the freight elevator.

How To Decide Where to Put My Safe In My New Home

Make sure the area is accessible by ensuring there is ample width of hallways and door frames. This will ensure our movers can access the area you want your new safe in. Stairs and floors must be able to support a heavy, concentrated load, and it is noteworthy that fire departments prefer heavy safes be located on the first floor, if possible.

Trust RNR Moving, your SAFE movers!