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Downsizing Before a Move

It’s very easy to get comfortable in a space and not realize how much ‘stuff’ you’ve actually acquired over the years. Some people are completely stunned when they begin looking in their attics or other home storage spaces only weeks from their move date. Before you get the same unpleasant shock, why not take some time to downsize all that junk lying around? Then when RNR Moving shows up on moving day, you’ll have nothing to worry about!

To begin with, decide which areas of your home are your problem spots. These areas are generally closets, attics, crawl spaces, garages, etc.; basically anywhere you’re likely to have a build up of items you do not use regularly. It is important to mentally note these spaces because it’s best to start the downsizing process in these time consuming areas.

When you begin cutting through the clutter, some find it helpful to make a list or detailed inventory. Both can be helpful for your personal records and when decided what to keep or get rid of. Inventories are also helpful records for insurance purposes and tax write-offs, like if you plan on donating any items to a local charity.

Whether you record your items or not, pull everything from the space into one large pile. If the space you’re working in is too small, move the items to a larger room. Now its sorting time! Make two piles for a ‘keep’ and ‘don’t keep’ pile. Feel free to make more piles such as a ‘donate’ or ‘sell’ too. Just remember your objective is to remove all of that old stuff you don’t need or use anymore, so try to resist placing everything back into the keep pile!

Once your items are sorted, go back to the keep pile for one final check. If you’re absolutely sure everything in it must move with you, go ahead and sort it once more for moving. Place all items in their proper places: books with books, kitchen items with your current kitchen items, all clothing items together, etc. Then to ease your move even more, let the experts at RNR Moving pack your boxes for you! Now go forth and declutter!