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New Year, New Job

Welcome to 2015! Have you made a resolution to find a new job this year?  Thankfully, the job market is finally on an upswing and many employers are looking for people to add to their teams. But when you’re looking, will you limit yourself to the Atlanta, GA area, or will you consider moving across state lines? A move to a new city for a new job can both be extremely exciting, and a bit overwhelming. Before you make the jump, RNR Moving suggests considering these important things.

The Financial State of the Company

The company you are looking to relocate to – do they have strong financials and a record of business success? Or, is it a start up company looking to capitalize on a new opportunity? The answer to these questions should be heavily considered. While a business with a long standing reputation would give you more security, joining a start up could give you the foot in the door to get in at the beginning of large growth.

Your Moving Expenses

Data shows that 9 out of 10 companies will cover moving expenses for new hires and transfers. This is good news! Moving can be expensive – between paying for your new home, deposits on utilities, plus the actual costs of driving or flying your personal items into another state. A company that will cover your moving expenses shows that they are invested in you and will value your addition to their workforce.

Cost of Living

While your salary at your new job could be higher than your current income, be sure to compare this to the cost of living in your new locale. If the margins are equal, you’re really not coming out any better than you were at your current job – unless of course your new position has room for growth and promotions that you are not currently being afforded.

Moving across state lines for a new job in 2015 could be the beginning of a new adventure for you and your family! And when the time does come to pack up and move, you’ll want to be sure that you have a moving company that you can rely on. RNR Moving is based in Atlanta, GA and we do both local and long distance moves. Call us today for an estimate!

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