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Healthy Snacks for Moving Day

The month of September is known as ‘Self Improvement Month,’ and what better time to make some healthy changes for yourself than when you are moving somewhere new for a fresh start? Atlanta’s RNR Moving wants to help by offering you some ideas of healthy snacks for moving day!

Bag & Go

The following ideas are perfect for on-the-go snacks for you and your family, simply pack them in Ziploc bags:

  • Trail Mix – Make your own trail mix by mixing together various types of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and/or grains; you may also add some sweets (but not too many!) like dark chocolate, mini marshmallows, yogurt covered raisins, etc.
  • Dried Fruit – While packing regular sliced fruit (such as apples) can be good, dried fruit is often the less messy option, because sticky hands and moving belongings do not really go well together.
  • Veggies – Slice some mess-free veggies for the road, like celery and or bell peppers; baby carrots and sugar snap peas are great too.
  • Cereal – A snack favorite for many children are sugar-free cereals like Cheerios; plus it;s super quick to pour and pack!

Container Snacks

The following snacks are a little messier, so they require a container to travel with. If you have already packed up all of your dishes, you can reuse plastic peanut butter jars or simply buy some disposable snack containers, like the ‘To Go Snack’ packs from Glad®.

  • Fruit salad
  • Vegetable mix with ranch
  • Celery and peanut butter
  • Low-fat pasta
  • Oatmeal
  • Yogurt parfait
  • Low-fat Cottage Cheese
  • Hummus and veggies or pita chips

In-Store Quick Buys

  • Nutrition Bars
  • Edamame
  • Popcorn
  • Bagel chips
  • Rice cakes
  • Popchips
  • 100 Calories Snack Packs

RNR Moving hopes that some of these ideas will help you on your moving day. Often times it is impossible to get real meal break in the middle of a move, so eating some healthy snack throughout the moving process can help to keep you going by keeping your energy up. It is also essential for those with medical issues, such as low blood sugar, and is important for children as well. Regardless of the snack you choose, be sure to have a refillable water bottle with you on your moving day. Staying hydrated during a move is also very important!

RNR Moving of Atlanta always enjoys offering moving tips to others; but even more, we would love to help you on your next move! Our professional movers have the expertise to help you with your next local or long distance move. RNR Moving offers services for residential moves and commercial moves; we even move specialty items such as pianos, safes and more!

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Happy Self Improvement Month!