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Moving with Pets

At RNR Moving we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with an easy moving process, that hopefully cuts down on their overall moving stress for local and long-distance moves. Although we may help ease our customer’s stress levels, if you are moving with pets, chances are you may be the only one who can help your pet through the relocation process.


Pre-Move Pet Checklist

Before your sassy kitty or playful pooch realizes you are relocating, it is a good idea to take care of a few details before your move date:

  • Veterinarian Appointment – Schedule an appointment with your vet to:
    • Have your pet’s yearly appointment taken care of (update shots, general health checks, etc.) & refill prescription medicine your pet may be taking.
    • Get copies of vaccination certificates and other vet records.
    • Ask if they recommend a particular vet in your new city/town.
    • If your pet requires sedatives for travel, this is also the time to discuss it with your vet.
  • Pet Tags – Make sure your pet has identification tags ready to wear (if applicable for type of pet) that state your telephone number, name and NEW address. You can even leave the old tag on the collar with the new tag while moving, just in case anything happens to your pet in between the move.

  • Crates & Carriers – If you are planning on using a crate or carrier for your pet during or after your move, try to get your pet comfortable with these items ahead of time. This will make it less stressful for them and hopefully allow you an easier time getting them ready to go on moving day.

  • Double Check Plans – Hopefully you already know that you are moving into a pet-friendly, new space; but if you are unsure, find out immediately! Also, double check your travel plans to be sure you will be able to comfortably accommodate your pet during the move. For example, if you are flying with a small pet, most airlines will allow the pet to be with you in the cabin. However, you should double check the airlines requirements and also weigh the risks of air travel with your pets.
  • Board & Groom – Moving day can often be the most stressful day for your pet, due to the chaos of boxes everywhere, people going in and out of your house, the general over-stimulation of sights and sounds, plus the various emotions they can sense. Save your pet (and yourself) some peace of mind by getting them boarded on your move date. This will ensure they are not underfoot or have a chance to run away (some animals do run away from stressful environments), plus you can have them groomed while you’re at it, so they will be clean and ready to travel.

  • Travel Snacks – Pack pet snacks, food, water and anything else your pet may need to travel with; the amount of these usually depends on the distance of your move. Make sure you have any prescriptions they will need handy as well.

On Moving Day

When your long awaited moving day finally arrives, be sure to block your pet from any unnecessary stress. If you have an indoor pet, make a room just for them to be in while you move things out of your home. Put up a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door to alert movers, friends or family to not enter the room. Also, be sure to give some extra snuggles and support to your furry friends when you can throughout the day, so they will not feel too isolated or stressed out. If you had your pet boarded, give them extra attention before and after their visit.

Settling In

You did it! You and your pet have made it to your new home! Hopefully your move was a good experience, with very few bumps along the way. Before letting your pet roam your home or yard, be sure to check that everything is ‘pet proof’ and safe for them. When your space completely ready, it is important to let your pet adjust to your new surroundings. Every animal does this in a different way, but you can help by putting familiar objects (pet bed, toys, blanket, litter box, etc.) around the house. Cats, for example, are usually transitioned into new places by being restricted into one room of the house for the first night. Then when they seem calm, let them gradually explore more of your new space. Of course this process varies by pet personality, so use your best judgement for your pets. Now relax in your new space and give your pet a high-five for your successful move!

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