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Surviving a cross-country move with children: Preparing for the move

Moving… it’s a word that can be scary, but for 35 years RNR Moving has made ATLien’s moving process easy. Whether you’re moving down the road or across the country, our team of moving professionals are ready to assist you the entire way.

Are you preparing to move across the country with children? We know times like this can be stressful, so we’ve put together a list of things you can do to before the move that’ll make this move easy. Check them out!

Before the move

Explain what’s happening. Tell your child about the move, and sooner than later. Every family and child is different, but it’s best that you tell your child that you’re moving with enough time for time to process it. Be sure to highlight the positives and give them time to ask questions.

Keep as much stability as you can during a crazy time. During a move, it’s easy for things to get hectic, but when moving with small children it’s important that you maintain some type of routine throughout their day. This lowers stress and makes them feel secure. So keeping things like breakfast and bedtime around the same time during a move can be crucial to a successful cross-country move.

Know that you’ll be explaining a lot. Prepare yourself to be asked why you’re moving, where you’re going, when you’re moving, and a whole lot more throughout this process. Keep in mind that children are curious and will ask many questions throughout the process.

Following these quick tips will ensure that your next long distance move is an easy one. Even easier when you move with us!

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