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The Groundhog May Have Gotten It Wrong…


Okay, how many of you are thinking that the groundhog actually got it very wrong? Both Punxsutawney Phil, and General Beauregard Lee predicted an early Spring for 2016, but the weather as of late has certainly not reflected that. Fear not! RNR Moving can help with your move regardless of how cold or wet it is!


Here Are 3 Tips For Moving In Less Than Desirable Weather:

Be Prepared:

Do not try to impress people on moving day. Dress sensibly; wear waterproof shoes, and all weather gear. Dress in layers with one weather proof layer to keep warm, because no one wants to move when they are cold and wet.

Protect Your Belongings:
Melting snow or ice and rain are your belongings’ worst nightmare! Shrink wrap or use plastic wrap to waterproof your furniture, electronics, etc. and ALWAYS remember to wrap your mattresses and box springs. *Pro Tip* Using plastic storage bins instead of cardboard boxes may be helpful if it is raining.

Pave The Way:

Whether it be snow or ice or large, dangerous puddles that obscure your pathway, be sure to clear or cover it for yourself and your movers. This will hopefully keep you and your movers safe while carrying boxes out of your home. Do not forget, if it is raining, take some old towels and place them around the doors and to the places you and your movers will be bringing in the boxes. This will not only keep your floors clear(er) but also hopefully prevent slips and falls from the moisture.

While we cannot move in some bad weather (tornadoes or hurricanes) you can count on us to be your local mover! Give RNR Moving a call or click to set up your free estimate!