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Three Things You Should Never Ask Your Friends to Do

As a general rule, most people do things for their friends that they would not do even for family. Friendship is a tight bond, one which no favor can sunder…unless those favors are one of these three. Here is our list of the top three things you should never ask your friends to do.

  • Drive across the country with you to help you move: At RNR Moving, we specialize in local as well as long distance moves, and can help make sure your belongings arrive safely, and soundly to your new location, no matter the distance.
  • Help you pack: At RNR Moving, we not only take care of your precious belongings during the move, we ensure your priceless treasures will not be broken or damaged in the process. Our packing experts will come to your home and help you pack!
  • Help you move: Face it. No one really enjoys helping their friend move. It is an entire day of packing, unpacking, loading, and reloading a bunch of heavy stuff with no reward for them other than a $15 pizza, if they are lucky. This is regardless if they are moving to a three-story walk-up or a two-story with a weird turn that is impossible to get a mattress through. This is why you should call RNR moving. We are the experts, and can guarantee that your belongings are taken the utmost care of during your move. As a family owned and operated business, we understand the importance of family heirlooms, so we are especially careful with those irreplaceable items.

So, instead of asking your friends to do things they really do not want to do, call RNR Moving! Do not go with a fly-by-night moving company, you can trust us. It is our job to make you happy!