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With this key, I thee wed…

You and your sweetie have been together for seven years. You are engaged and your apartment lease is up. With the wedding happening in just a few months, it does not make sense for you to renew your lease another year. It is a pivotal moment in your relationship: and one that is eventually inevitable if you get married, you are going to move in with your fiancee. This will be your first place together, and at RNR Moving, we want ... Read more

Celebrate March 8th!

Did you know one in four Americans has a home office? Even if you do not work from home, many people use their office to pay bills, or manage their budget. Because it can be used for so many things, this room has the potential of becoming cluttered, messy, unorganized, and does not fill its intended purpose at all. If this sounds like a room in your home, you are in luck. March 8th is Organize Your Home Office Day, and ... Read more

To have or not to have: a roommate

If you are like many people across America, you tend to think of having roommates as something you did when you were in college or a broke 20-something still trying to find oneself. After the economic turn around 2008 however, more and more people of the younger generation started staying with their parents longer, or co-habiting with more than one roommate, simply for economic reasons. Now that the economy has started to pick up momentum toward more self-sufficiency again (although it ... Read more

The Groundhog May Have Gotten It Wrong…

Okay, how many of you are thinking that the groundhog actually got it very wrong? Both Punxsutawney Phil, and General Beauregard Lee predicted an early Spring for 2016, but the weather as of late has certainly not reflected that. Fear not! RNR Moving can help with your move regardless of how cold or wet it is! Here Are 3 Tips For Moving In Less Than Desirable Weather: Be Prepared: Do not try to impress people on moving day. Dress sensibly; wear waterproof shoes, ... Read more

A Handy Check-List for Your Move!

Do you know what to do when you’re moving? Check out RNR Moving's guide to keeping track of everything you need to do during a move! Eight Weeks Contact RNR Moving, and let us know your projected move date Research your new city. Find out which banks, doctors, and schools you will use and gather proper paperwork. Seven Weeks Make a list of businesses you should contact in order to change your address, keeping in mind your online accounts as well. Six Weeks Asses your closet and donate clothes ... Read more

Three Things You Should Never Ask Your Friends to Do

As a general rule, most people do things for their friends that they would not do even for family. Friendship is a tight bond, one which no favor can sunder…unless those favors are one of these three. Here is our list of the top three things you should never ask your friends to do.  Drive across the country with you to help you move: At RNR Moving, we specialize in local as well as long distance moves, and can help make sure ... Read more

Moving With A Toddler

Congratulations! It is finally moving day! You closed on the house months ago, but because of complications, you had to delay your move-in date. The time has now come though! You remembered to get the change of address forms, call RNR Moving, and you have everything lined up for the school change for the kids. There is one thing you forgot to consider though...how difficult it would be to move with a three and a half year old. That is right. Your ... Read more

Think About Your Health When Moving

As a new year dawns, many people make resolutions. Among the most common are to eat better, exercise more, or lose weight, and these all have to do with your general health. This is why it is surprising that many people neglect their overall health when in stressful situations, such as a move. When you are embarking on a move, it is the most important time to maintain good health. Here are some of RNR Moving's tips to keep yourself healthy ... Read more

Things People Accidentally Leave Behind When They Move

If you are moving, you feel like you have a million things to do, and you are behind on doing almost all of them. There is so much to remember and prepare for at your new place, and it can all get very jumbled and messy. If you have to work up until you move, it can be even harder finding time to pack up while still trying to maintain a full-time job. Staying organized and making lists are two ways ... Read more

Thing To Consider When Moving!

When anyone thinks about the specifics of moving, they already know how difficult it can truly be. When you get into all of the details, it only becomes harder. That's exactly why you need to look into some of the best moving companies on the market today to truly feel at ease and get everything taken care of as simply as possible. Another major item to consider when it comes to moving is the general stress on your body. It doesn't completely ... Read more
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